Xiaomi Piston Youth Colourful Edition Headphones review: Pretty in pink, these Xiaomi kids’ earphones offer style and substance at a price we like

Xiaomi’s Piston Youth Colourful Edition earphones are a very girly pink, but are they all style and no substance? We find out in our Xiaomi Piston Youth Colourful Edition review.

If you’re fond of bright colours you’ll appreciate the Xiaomi Piston Youth’s design, with these earphones available in light blue, pink and purple. The light blue looks to be a little less eye-catching than the pink version we review here, although none will go unnoticed. The name suggests they have been designed for kids, but we know of a few big girls (and boys) who would enjoy these earphones – especially at just £7.96/$12 from GearBest (discounted offer at the time of writing, usual price £20.05/$31).

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