Vizio P Series Review

What do you really need in a modern TV these days? Picture quality is, of course a given, with terms like “4K”, “HDR”, “FALD”, and “Quantum Dots” being thrown around in marketing spiels and materials. With increasingly connected homes, Internet connection for streaming is almost expected as well. Maybe even some smart home control, too. And beyond being just functional, these “smart” TVs are expected to look just as nice as any decoration in your living room. In all but one of those, Vizio’s 2018 P Series promises to check all those dots. And so we take it for a spin to see, no pun intended, if it can deliver.


The days of boxy, purely utilitarian TVs are so long gone, that kind of television set now only appears in period drama or science fiction. These days, TVs, whether smart or otherwise, are designed to blend with your living room decor.

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