Vizio M-Series (2017) review

The question a TV like the Vizio M-Series poses is simple: Do you want to pay hundreds more for a slightly better picture, sleeker style or different brand name? If the answer is no, this is the TV for you.

Just like 2016’s model, the M-Series is the cheapest TV I’ve tested that earned an 8 out of 10 in Performance. You won’t mistake it for an OLED TV at more than twice the price, but its picture is great for an LCD. It sits in the sweet spot between budget 4K TVs like the Vizio E-Series or TCL S405, and upper-midrange models like the Sony X900E, Samsung MU9000 and Vizio’s own P-Series. Its picture can easily compete against those more expensive LCD TVs, and in some ways it’s better, so if raw picture-for-the-dollar is what you want, the M should be first on your list.

Vizio improved HDR image quality from last year and maintained a great picture with Dolby Vision sources, and the M-Series handles regular high-def sources well too. The key to everything is local dimming, a technology that really boosts LCD image quality, especially in demanding home theater lighting situations where it matters most.

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