Vizio E series 2017 (60- to 80-inch) review

For the last few years Vizio TV’s have earned our highest scores for value by serving the best picture quality for the money. The main challenger to Vizio’s cheaper TVs like this E series has been TCL with its Roku TVs. I like Roku’s smart TV system better than Vizio’s, but Vizio’s ace in the hole has always been superior picture quality.

This year there’s a new wrinkle: TCL’s excellent P series. If you want a 55-inch TV and can swing the extra money compared to this Vizio, get the TCL instead. Its picture is that much better. And later this year TCL will release the 50- and 65-inch sizes.

But maybe you want a size bigger than 55 inches, you don’t want to wait or you don’t want to spend any more than you have to for a very good picture. If that’s the case, the E series is a great choice.

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