Vizio D series 2017 (D65-E0 and D55-E0) review

I like a lot of Vizio’s TVs for the level of image quality they achieve for a budget price, but their “series” can be a sprawling, incomprehensible mess. And the 2017 D series is the messiest one yet, making it tough for buyers to separate the potentially worthwhile TVs from the so-so ones.

That’s where I come in.

Among the D series TVs I know about right now, I can only recommend two specific models: the 55-inch D55-E0 and the 65-inch D65-E0. This review only applies to those two, not to any of the others in the series.

Those two sets are some of the cheapest TVs to earn a “very good” image quality score from me. They’re the only 2017 D models with local dimming, a feature that improves image quality in just about every LCD TV I’ve tested. It puts them on roughly the same picture quality plane as the bigger, members of the E series, which currently costs the same in the 65-inch size. I expect the D to dip cheaper later this year, however.

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