Vizio 65-inch D65u-D2 Review : Good 4K Picture, If You Don’t Need HDR

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Vizio 65-inch D65u-D2

Big screens benefit the most from higher 4K Ultra HD resolution, so it’s not surprising that the 65-inch Vizio D-Series D65u-D2 makes a big impression. In many respects, it’s a great, expansive picture for only $1,100. However, the LED LCD TV is something of a throwback to Vizio’s earlier models. It is based on the company’s older graphical interface, which is lackluster and limited but stable. More important, the D-Series does not support the latest high dynamic range (HDR) video formats that boast more colors and better brightness. Still, if you’re simply looking for an inexpensive 4K big-screen, the Vizio D-Series is a pretty good deal.

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