Virgin TV V6 box vs Sky Q: What’s the difference?

Sky Q has been around for just over a year and has been the undisputed king of paid TV in all that time. Now a new kid is on the block, hoping to steal that crown.

Virgin TV is the collective name for a new family of devices and services from Virgin Media, and the Virgin TV V6 box, powered by TiVo, is aimed squarely at the Sky Q 2TB box as a flagship device.

Hopefully, we can help you make a decision between the two by looking at their features and individual benefits.


There’s no doubt that the Sky Q system is designed superbly, with sleek lines and slim form factors across the 2TB and 1TB main devices, plus the Sky Q Mini boxes. We also love the way the Q on the front of the main box lights up when it’s playing recordings.

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