Vibe Slick Zip V3 review: zip-up headphones that sound good for the money

Most in-ear headphones use a simple system for managing where the wire from each headphone joins the other: an adjustable toggle which slides up and down. The Vibe Slick Zip headphones use an altogether more complex solution: a plastic zipper which can be zipped up to bring the two cables together, or down to allow them to separate.

The cynical will accuse the makers of cheap gimmickry, and they’d be right: the zipper adds precious little functionality to the headphones. In fact, it actually adds a not-insignificant amount of weight, which is bad news as it makes them prone to falling out. We also discovered that the plastic zipper was a keen transmitter of vibration noise, which means the slightest touch on the cable was sent up the wire to the listener’s ears.

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