urBeats3 Earphones review

Removing the 3.5mm jack from the iPhone was one of the most divisive decisions Apple has ever made. While some appreciated the features it would enable – like noise-cancellation without a battery and removing the reliance of the on-board DAC – others saw it as a cash-grab from a company interested in licensing out its proprietary tech.

It’s worth pointing this out because the Lightning Connector is the anchor for the urBeats3. It not only provides audio to the earphones, but it provides purpose as well: the urBeats3 are the middle child of the very small family of Lightning Connector-based headphones. They’re not as expensive as, say, the fantastic-sounding 1MORE Triple-Driver Headphones, but they’re a large step-up from Apple’s ultra-cheap EarPods that come packed in with every new iPhone.

Because they’re a part of this exclusive club, they seem like a good value: they’re a great-looking, decent-sounding pair of headphones.

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