TiVo Bolt OTA DVR review: More features, but many familiar drawbacks as well

TiVo’s DVR for cord-cutters gets a hardware upgrade, but it’s missing some modern touches.

Cord-cutters are no longer second-class citizens in TiVo’s world with the new $250 TiVo Bolt OTA DVR, which is based on the same hardware platform that TiVo offers cable-TV subscribers—less the CableCARD slot.

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TiVo’s previous antenna-only DVR, the Roamio OTA, launched more than four years ago and is based on a cable box from 2013. The new Bolt OTA includes such features 4K UHD video support, voice control, and built-in streaming to smartphones. And while you can technically use the regular Bolt with an antenna, the Bolt OTA’s DVR service is less than half the price.

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