This is how much it’ll cost to build a gaming PC with the PS5 and Xbox Series X’s specs

We finally know the specs of both the Xbox Series X and PS5 (even if we still don’t know what the latter looks like). We’ve taken a shot at seeing how close you can get to these specs with currently available PC hardware, while also factoring in the cost. 

After not knowing much about the PlayStation 5, Mark Cerny finally revealed the next-gen console’s specifications early this week and it’s provided us with a strange Xbox Series X matchup.

The consoles have many similarities but differ more than many had thought they would. PS5 is set to lean heavily on its superfast SSD and new 3D audio, while the raw GPU horsepower and ‘memory card’-esque storage on the Xbox Series X is particularly notable. Even these factors don’t tell the full story, as we’ve learned with misnomers revolving around teraflops.

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