The future of TV: 10 tech steps to the ultimate TV experience

From 4K to HDR to 8K and beyond: the road to TV-viewing perfection is paved with new technologies. And acronyms. Lots and lots of acronyms.

The first high-definition broadcasts in the UK began over ten years ago, when Sky began broadcasting HD channels in May 2006. The TV tech landscape has advanced massively since then, with 4K Ultra HD – four times the resolution of HD – now becoming a mainstream and affordable option.

Thanks to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sky and BT Sport making 4K content available – not forgetting that there are over 100 4K Blu-ray discs now on sale – you can now watch a whole host of 4K content in a variety of ways. And that’s not all. 4K has kick-started a slew of innovations that are already making their way to your TV. So, if you want the best possible video (and audio) quality, brace yourself for some changes.

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