Sony MDR-1000X preview: Quite simply phenomenal noise-cancelling headphones

Sony’s mission to deliver noise cancelling headphones has lead to the birth of the MDR-1000X. It’s a solid name, for a solid pair of headphones.

Sony introduced us to these new noise-cancelling cans, telling us that it has seen a upturn in wireless headphones sales – appending this with confirmation that Sony was the number one headphone manufacturer in Europe, both in terms of value and unit sales.

Sony is also no stranger to good quality headphones. The MDR-1000X, then, set their sights on a lucrative end of the market: that part of the wireless noise-cancelling headphone segment that sees a pair of headphones sitting on the bonce of every business traveller on every flight.

The Sony MDR-1000X might look familiar and that’s because they sit in the same design as the MDR-100ABN headphones that reside in Sony’s h.ear on range. While those headphones are designed to be slightly more consumer, the 1000X want to take the title of the best noise cancelling headphones in their class.


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