Sony KD-65A1 hands on

On the Sony stand, we made a beeline for the KD-65A1, the 65in model in the company’s new A1 series of 4K OLED TVs. 75 and 55in screen sizes are also available.


The KD-65A1 looks gorgeous thanks to Sony’s one-slate concept, where there’s absolutely nothing to distract you from the screen.

The bezel surrounding the TV is sliver-thin, and its “stand-less” design means all you see is the 65in 4K picture – nothing else. It’s a simple, yet very effective and elegant design.

The “stand-less” concept is a bit of a misnomer, though: there is a stand that props the TV up, but you certainly can’t see it from the front.

Sony has even removed the Sony logo from the front panel – there isn’t any branding in sight at all when you look at the screen face-on.

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