Sony Bravia XBR-65X900E review

Sony’s 2017 TV range is turning into a procession of evidence that the brand is listening to its customers more than any other TV brand right now.

The recently tested A1E OLED models finally satisfied the Sony fan itch for a big-screen Sony OLED TV. The 55X930E delivered most of the brightness and backlight blooming improvements to Sony’s Slim Backlight Drive technology we’d hoped for. And now we have the 65X900E, which not only recognizes the widely held view that LCD TVs with direct lighting handle high dynamic range pictures better than the more common edge-lit variation, but also makes its direct lighting system available for an unusually affordable price.


While the 65-inch 65X900E feels noticeably more plasticky than Sony’s X930E and, especially, A1E OLED TVs while you’re setting it on its centrally mounted stand, from a distance it actually looks like a pretty premium TV.

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