Shanling M0 Portable Audio Player and Bluetooth Amp Review

Come for the stored files, stay for the Bluetooth

What is the Shanling M0?

The Shanling M0 is a dedicated portable audio player. This is a category that has never truly achieved the success, post iPod, that many manufacturers felt it was due – it seems that, not for the first time, Apple was right to call it a day. For the most part, we have been content to let our phones take the strain and for the really committed, the rise of portable DACs like the Chord Electronics Mojo, iFi Audio xDSD and the recently departed and much missed Oppo HA-2SE have covered off the quality angle.

The Shanling M0 takes a different approach to relevance. It is cheap, it is tiny and it has a party piece that we will cover in due course. It also arrives with a degree of auspicious timing as the shift in mobile phones away from having their own headphone sockets may or may not gel nicely with it.

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