Samsung UN65KS9800FXZA LCD Ultra HDTV Review


There are two major versions of HDR vying for prominence: HDR10 and Dolby Vision. As of July 2016, Ultra HD Blu-rays were exclusively offering HDR10. Samsung’s 2016 UHD sets only do HDR10. We’d prefer that a set have both formats—but if we had to choose just one for now, it would be HDR10, since the most reliable source of high-quality HDR may well be on UHD Blu-rays. Streamed HDR, whether HDR10 or Dolby Vision, is far more heavily compressed than UHD on disc, and its quality depends on the bandwidth available from your internet service provider.

That said, the UN65KS9800’s most obvious feature is its curved screen. You either like this or you don’t. I didn’t care much either way, but it does have consequences for room reflections. A curved TV can stretch reflections from room lights into horizontal bands across the screen, rather than showing them as simple point sources; this makes them more distracting. [Editor’s Note: Furthermore, a curved screen viewed in a darkened room from any typical distance will appear to be bowed in on its top and bottom edges—one of my big peeves with this approach.—RS] …
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