Samsung UE55KS8000 UHD 4K TV Review

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Samsung UE55KS8000 UHD 4K TV

What is the Samsung KS8000?

The KS8000 is Samsung’s top flat screen TV for 2016 and is essentially the same as the company’s other flagship edge-lit model the KS9000. The only real difference between the two TVs, aside from the shape of the screen, is that the KS9000 includes the Auto Depth Enhancer feature, which only applies to the manufacturer’s curved models. In all other respects the two TVs are identical, so which one you choose will depend on how you feel about curves. If you prefer your TV flat, then the KS8000 could very well be the choice for you. The UE55KS8000 retails for £1,599/$2,398 as at the time of writing (September 2016) and since we were so impressed by theUE55KS9000 we reviewed earlier in the year, we have high expectations. Let’s find out if those expectations are met…

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