Samsung SmartThings Link for Nvidia Shield TV review: A cheap smart home hub with one inherent shortcoming

The SmartThings dongle for the The Nvidia Shield TV is less expensive than a full-sized smart home hub, but it’s capabilities aren’t quite equal.

The Nvidia Shield TV streaming box just keeps getting cooler. In addition to doubling as a Plex server, an over-the-air DVR, and a hands-free Google Assistant, the Shield can also now serve as a smart home hub with the addition of a Samsung SmartThings Link.

This $40 dongle plugs into one of the Shield’s two USB ports, where it can control smart light bulbs, switches, plugs, and any other appliances and devices that work with the full-sized SmartThings hub (here’s a list). In fact, it’s very nearly the same as that $100 product, but at a fraction of the cost (assuming you already own Nvidia’s $180 streaming box).

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