Samsung QE65Q95T review

Samsung has made some odd decisions regarding its 2020 TV line-up and, while we don’t want to get bogged down in model numbers right at the start of a review, it’s worth unpicking the company’s strategy in order to figure out where the QE65Q95T sits in the range.

Last year’s 4K flagship, the Q90R, initially appears to have been replaced by not one, but two models: the Q90T and this Q95T (in fact many countries, the US included, get only the Q90T). The difference between the two is the One Connect system, which sees all connections routed through a separate box – the Q95T has it and the Q90T does not.

However, Samsung says that the Q90R has in fact been replaced by the Q800T, which is an 8K model. We should therefore, consider the Q95T we have before us as a replacement for last year’s Q85R.

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