Samsung QE65Q7F review

Although QLED is a relatively recent invention, we already know what to expect from a QLED TV – the sort of punch Anthony Joshua would be proud of, peak brightness with the ability to make you wince, and edges so sharp you could cut your fingers on them. The Samsung QE65Q7F delivers on all of these things.

However, we have also come to expect pretty poor viewing angles and the inevitable intrusion of a backlight in overdrive.

Unfortunately, the Q7F delivers these elements too, but on the plus side, it meets our expectations of a fundamentally different approach to its OLED rivals – and a cheaper price tag.


QLED’s biggest advantage over OLED is its brightness. Even the latest OLEDs fall significantly short of most backlit TVs for peak brightness, and so a flagship backlit TV (for that’s what a 2017 QLED is) should be a whole other level of eye-enticing sensationalism.

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