Samsung HW-MS750 Sound+ Soundbar review

In the great pantheon of audio manufacturers you’ll find names like Klipsch, Audio-Technica, Polk, Bose, KEF, Harman Kardon and now, finally, Samsung.

The South Korean manufacturer’s meteoric rise to aural greatness started with the Samsung HW-K950 – a spectacular-sounding Dolby Atmos soundbar – back in 2016, then continued with this year’s even-more-impressive (and more affordable) HW-MS650, and now has reached the zenith with the all-new Samsung HW-MS750 Sound+ Soundbar.

The HW-MS750 is a robust, powerful soundbar that any home cinema enthusiast will enjoy: It boasts 11 speakers in a 5.0 channel configuration, supports 4K passthrough via two HDMI ports, 32-bit UHQ audio upscaling and, should its 35 to 20,000Hz frequency range not be enough, it can connect to Samsung’s new W700 wireless subwoofer that goes as low as 27Hz.

In short, it’s all almost perfect. Again.

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