Roku Streaming Stick Plus Review: The Ultimate 4K Streaming Stick

Finding the perfect streaming device for a 4K HDR TV isn’t easy. Up until recently, the options have been too big,too clunky or simply too expensive. Enter the Roku Streaming Stick+: a 4K HDR streaming stick that boasts a staggering variety of channels, an enormous wireless range, a slick interface, a robust search feature, a comfortable remote and a handy mobile app — and retails for a cool $70.

In spite of a few quibbles about the remote control and some dated navigational issues, the Roku Streaming Stick+ is simply the most complete 4K HDR streaming device you can get for the price. Folks with 1080p TVs don’t need it; videophiles with huge content libraries may want something a little more robust. For everyone else, it’s hard to imagine a better marriage of functionality and affordability.

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