Razer Leviathan Mini Review

Inside the Razer Leviathan Mini you’re going to get some deep, booming sound. That’s for certain. If you connect this speaker to your Android device, you’ll be able to say “OK Google” to it just fine – it uses what Razer calls “Clear Voice Capture” technology – you can use it as a speakerphone for your phone, too. But what is the Razer Leviathan Mini best at? Audio for your TV? Not so much. Wireless music. Wireless music in twos.

If you want a tiny speaker that blasts sound in a big way, and you want to FEEL that sound like a thunderclap to your eardrums, the Leviathan Mini is the way to go. It’s not something you’re going to want to get if you want to watch a documentary on your television. It’s not made for tiny subtleties quite so much. More for a big picture.

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