Puro Sound Labs BT5200 Bluetooth Headphones review


Puro Sound Labs BT5200 wireless headphones are broccoli for your ears.

That’s not really “rock ‘n’ roll,” but the BT5200s are made to save you from yourself and keep your hearing healthy. Inside of the aluminum earcups with their 40mm custom dynamic drivers is a microprocessor that monitors their decibel level and alerts you via an LED when your volume is safe or unsafe.

Basically, to keep your hearing healthy, it’s recommended that you keep volume at or below 85 dB. When you’re in this range with the BT5200s, the tiny LED on the left cup glows green. When you’re between 85 and 95 — a level you should limit to 2 hours or less — the LED glows yellow. Keep raising the volume till you’re over 95 decibels and the LED turns red, letting you know you’re on your way to hearing damage.

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