Polk Signa Solo review

Reasonable really isn’t the word. In fact, a soundbar costing only £150 seems such a bargain – especially when you consider our cheapest Award winner, the Yamaha YAS-207, costs more than double that. We’re quite pleasantly surprised to open the box and find there’s one actually in there.

The Polk Signa Solo certainly isn’t the first budget soundbar to enter our testing rooms, but, as we’ve yet to find anything we prefer to the four-star JBL Boost TV we heard at £170 in May last year, it’s with some anticipation we set it atop our television rack.


But the enticing price tag is hardly reflective of a lack of development on the part of Polk: the Signa Solo features the company’s SDA digital surround technology, seeking to heighten and widen the soundfield and offer more detailed stereo imaging, and VoiceAdjust, which enables the listener to tweak bass and ‘voice’ levels for potentially clearer, crisper dialogue.

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