Polk MagniFi Mini review

If the prospect of a traditional home-theater setup with a half-dozen speakers and a bulky receiver doesn’t thrill you, you may want to a consider a sound bar. These small speakers are discreet, easy to set up, and sound much better than your TV’s speakers. And they don’t come smaller or better-sounding for the money than the Polk MagniFi Mini.

Flexible and affordable, it sounds adept with both movies and music and includes some must-have features. The best is Google Cast, which enables easy streaming from your phone, works with numerous music apps, and even make the MagniFi Mini part of a whole-house music setup. While I found the Mini’s connectivity a bit quirky, it’s nonetheless an excellent buy.



Everything small is big again. While some gadgets have grown in size, like TVs and cell phones, the prevailing trend in the AV world is toward smaller devices. It applies to everything from Blu-ray playersto receivers to sound bars .

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