PlayStation Vue vs. Sling TV : Face-Off

Suppose you’re ready to get rid of a restrictive, expensive cable package, but not quite ready to give up a variety of live channels at your fingertips. Cable-replacement services like Sling TV ($20 per month and up) and PlayStation Vue ($50 per month and up) are here to split the difference. More versatile but more expensive than a strictly on-demand service like Netflix, PS Vue and Sling TV combine the comforting versatility of channel surfing with the convenience of accessing what you want, when you want.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho PlayStation Vue vs. Sling TV : Face-Off

Between optional channel packages, varying device compatibility, vastly different pricing structures and two distinct approaches to user interfaces, the choice between Sling TV and PS Vue is anything but straightforward. You probably don’t need both services, so read on to find out which one will fill the cable- or satellite-shaped void in your heart.

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