Panasonic TX-55EZ952B review

Everything about the EZ952 is serious, from the straight-laced design to the vast menus, which contain more picture-tweaking options than there are wines at Claridges.

This is the most affordable member of Panasonic’s new OLED family, and is clearly intended for the more dedicated enthusiast, or as Panasonic says in its own literature, ‘pro’.

That doesn’t necessarily make it a bad choice for the more casual buyer, as long as you don’t mind a complicated first-time calibration.


But there is one area in which the EZ952 is a long way behind its rivals: HDR.

The Panasonic supports HDR in both the HDR10 and HLG formats, so we gravitate towards that first. At the time of testing, the Amazon Instant Video app wasn’t available, but it will be by the time the TV goes on sale in July. Thankfully, Netflix is onboard to display all of its high dynamic range glory.

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