Panasonic TX-50DX700 4K TV review: Picture performance beyond its price

Ultra-HD TVs are certainly becoming more popular, we know that for sure. The amount of content on offer has increased exponentially since 4K was first introduced – with big shows like Breaking Bad, House of Cards and Man In The High Castle all being delivered in extra defined form.

Prices have come down over the years too. Of course, you can still spend upwards of £2,000/$3,000 on a telly if you want the absolute best picture available today, but if you want an affordable way to get into the 4K and extra bright HDR (high dynamic range) market then something like the 50-inch Panasonic DX700 will fit the bill without breaking the bank.

The TX-50DX700 offers a 4K HDR panel for a lot less than £1,000/$1500 – which makes it a bargain. But does a more affordable price mean a heavy dip in performance compared to the top-end? We’ve had one on loan to find out.

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