Panasonic TV 2020: Every 4K HDR OLED and LCD TVs explained

Panasonic TV 2020: 2019 saw Japanese TV maker continue its strong form, receiving five stars for the GZ2000, GZ1500 and GZ1000. Can it continue its superb TV performance with its 2020 range?

This is a breakdown of the Panasonic TV 2020 lineup with every TV Panasonic has announced so far. We’ll update this page as soon as new models are announced to keep you up to date with everything Panasonic is doing with its TVs in 2020.

Panasonic TV 2020 highlights

Panasonic’s brand new flagship OLED TV, the HZ2000, carries on from last year’s GZ2000. The design is similar, but its internally where the TV which has undergone significant changes.

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