Panasonic 4K HDR TV choices compared: HZ2000, HZ1500, HZ1000 OLEDs, plus HX LED TVs

Panasonic is greatly expanding its OLED TV offering this year, along with a new series of 4K HDR LED sets too.

Some won’t be available until May/June time, but you might always want to snap up a bargain on one of last year’s models instead – as they are still available and often at a discount.

So here are the Panasonic TV highlights for 2020, including some of the excellent sets already available through numerous retailers.

One thing to note on model numbering if you’re browsing Panasonic TVs: H equals 2020, G equals 2019 and so on – something to watch out for when you come to buy. Also, model numbers can change depending on region, the TV tends to be the same but the number might be slightly different, so that’s also something to take into account.

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