Orbitsound One P70 preview: The compact, affordable soundbar

British-based audio company Orbitsound has unveiled a new soundbar, the One P70. At its £299 price point it’s very well positioned to undercut some of the big-boy competitiors and deliver TV-boosting sound.

But that’s not all the P70 can do, for it’s been designed to be used in three different ways: pop it flat under a TV to act as a soundbar; wall-mount it (everything is included in the box); or flip it 90-degrees to face upwards and act as a tabletop speaker. It’s a soundbar one minute, a standalone speaker the next (the logo can even pop-out to be flipped by 180-degrees so it’s always the right way up).


Because Orbitsound has mounted two central 2-inch drivers at 90-degrees the One P70 gives a broad spread of sound both horizontally (around 120-degrees) and vertically. There’s also a 5.25-inch subwoofer integrated within to give the bass extra kick, while two additional side-mounted 2-inch drivers ensure a wide spread of audio. Ideal for all-encompassing sound for you and your fellow TV-watchers/music-listeners.

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