Optoma HD142X 3D DLP Projector Review



You might not be aware of it, but there’s a new war going on. No, it’s not between countries, ideologies, or individuals; it’s between DLP projector manufacturers. A handful of companies are battling to provide a single-chip model that delivers the best-looking, brightest picture at the lowest price. Over the past few months, I’ve reported on two such projectors, the ViewSonic LightStream Pro7827HD ($890, Sound & Vision, September) and the InFocus ScreenPlay SP1080 ($549, see review at soundandvision.com). Next up: Optoma’s HD142X ($579), another affordable model aimed at the casual home theater fan and gamer.

At a foot wide by 9 inches deep and weighing only 5.5 pounds, the HD142X is compact enough for portable use. This 3D-capable 1080p-res projector uses a sixsegment (RGBCYW) color wheel and features Texas Instruments’ BrilliantColor technology to enhance color richness. It also has a Reference preset picture mode that, according to Optoma, delivers accurate Rec. 709 color straight out of the box. Brightness is spec’d at 3,000 lumens and lamp life at 6,000 hours when the projector is used in Eco lamp mode.

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