Oppo PM-2 planar magnetic headphones review : As exquisite as they are expensive

The Oppo PM-2 are all-around spectacular headphones, as well they should be considering their $699 price tag. These cans deliver an uncolored, neutral, and engaging musical presentation with an uncanny knack of revealing the finest details from just about any musical source. While you can drive them with a smartphone, you’ll be duly rewarded by pairing the PM-2 with the highest-quality headphone amplifier or digital audio player you can afford (we review four of the best DAPs in this story).

If you’re not familiar with Oppo, you’re not alone. For much of its existence, the company made a name for itself by producing some of the best and most acclaimed Blu-ray players (and DVD players before that) money could buy. But you wouldn’t find those products in any big-box store; you had to shop specialty retailers or buy direct.

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