Onkyo X3 review

A fair assumption is that the Onkyo X3 wireless speaker is the bigger brother to the little Onkyo T3.

And it is, undeniably, bigger, but the two models don’t immediately scream ‘siblings’. We’re thinking more ‘cousins’.


Eschewing the ingot-like look of the little’un, the Onkyo X3 adopts an elliptical form. In the process, though, it loses the visual charm of the little T3.

It’s sleek, yes, but it’s also a plain-looking Bluetooth speaker – especially when pitched up against rivals, such as the UE Roll 2 and JBL Charge 2+.

The larger chassis – the X3 weighs 620g more than the T3 – naturally isn’t as handy as its cousin’s but allows the Onkyo to remain in the ‘portable’ category.

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