OLED vs QLED – which is the best TV technology?

There may only be one letter between these two technologies, but the way they deliver an image is vastly different. We illuminate the bright lights and gloomy darks of OLED and QLED TV screens..

These are halcyon days for TV technology. Ultra HD 4K is now pretty well established, HDR is beginning to make headway, and streaming puts a near-infinite supply of content at our fingerprints all day, every day.

But these are also confusing times for TV technology, with new acronyms and marketing terms raining down like confetti at the wedding of the managing director of a confetti company.

One of the key current confusions lies in the comparison between them and, as is so often the case, marketing is largely to blame – particularly from the QLED camp. So what exactly is the difference between OLED and QLED?

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