Naim Mu-so and Mu-so Qb review: music to my ears

These days, the names of Harman Kardon and Bose are becoming more and more prevalent, especially in tech and in cars, but they are hardly the only trusted Hi-Fi names in the audio market. And while Sonos has had a good head start in the wireless Wi-Fi speaker market, it’s hardly the only game in town. And depending on your audio proclivities, it might not even be the best. Naim’s name holds just as much weight as the top players, especially in the UK, and while its first wireless system, the Mu-so, is almost two years old, it, together with the Mu-so Qb wireless speakers, remain one of the best sounding wireless audio systems money can buy.


Prestigious pedigree

Don’t let the odd sounding name put you off. Naim has been in the industry for decades, tracing back its humble beginnings to power amplifiers before rising to become one of the UK’s top hi-fi equipment manufacturers. And if you ever need proof of its quality and prestige, you need only look at its three Queen’s Awards for Enterprise and its partnership with Bentley, a name that is also synonymous with luxury in cars.

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