Muzik One Review

Muzik CEO Jason Hardi started his headphone company back in 2013 to, as he puts it, “connect the world.” But even though he’s been showing off versions of the hardware throughout the years — and even received a small investment from Twitter earlier this year — it’s never actually made it to market. Until a couple of months ago. That’s when Hardi and co. finally unveiled the Muzik One, which launched alongside a partnership with Spotify. What’s the big deal? Well, the One is a pair of “connected” headphones that lets you share whatever you’re listening to on the social media platform of your choice with just a tap of a button. Sharing music has never been so easy. Whether or not that’s worth $300, however, is less clear.


Regardless of its song-sharing features, these headphones look and feel like a really nice set of cans. It’s constructed out of aircraft aluminum and a soft supple leather covers both the handle as well as the ear cup cushions. Plus, the headphones fold inward for better portability. I’ve carried them around in my backpack and even my smaller shoulder bag without any problems.

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