Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL2.0 Tube Headphone Amp Review

Executive Overview

The MicroZOTL2.0 headphone amplifier and preamp is one of Mark Schneider’s latest reconfigurations in the world of audio sources. Featuring quality components, the amp also incorporates the ZOTL (Zero hysteresis Output Transformer-Less) technology which has earned numerous awards and been heralded a success in recent decades. The first implementation of this was, of course, in David Berning’s original MicroZOTL whose architecture came into fruition in the late ‘90s.

Schneider’s modern take, however, aims to deliver sonics that match and even surpass its predecessor with the vision of delivering “stunning sound quality” in the home setting. Having had an extensive background in engineering, manufacturing and product design, Mark was attracted to the opportunity of working with Berning’s complex and desirable creations. It was with this passion that 2015 saw the founding of Linear Tube Audio, an audio company which strives to continue and build upon the successes of the original ZOTL technology. As if this were not enough, Mr. Berning personally oversees the initial run of the microZOTL2.0s to ensure the amps meet his strict criteria.

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