LG SJ7 Sound Bar Flex Review – Three Components, Four Ways To Enjoy

What better way to slay four birds with a stone than with the new SJ7 Sound Bar Flex from LG. You can enjoy this soundbar in not one, but three four ways. Clearly, this is not your average soundbar which makes it worthy of a review. Read on!

Build Quality and Design

It’s got an all-black matt finish that’s meant to blend in with your decor, rather than pop out from your furnishings. The system is relatively small and unobtrusive – a welcome trait for small homes and rooms. Still, the SJ7 comes in three separate parts – a 34cm left speaker with all the important connections, a similar right bar with just one power input, and a 33cm tall wireless subwoofer. Each bar has an array of four drivers comprising 2 mid-range and two tweeters. So as a complete sound bar, the SJ7 has 8 drivers in total.

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