Kodak 50 inch Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV Review

Our Verdict

The TV has a good panel to make the most of your 4K content (including that available at 60hz), it has 3 HDMI 2.0 ports, enough USB and audio out option and above all, isn’t available through flash sales! You can go online and pick it up. However, keep in mind that the TV doesn’t not support HDR 10 which other TV’s like the Mi TV 4 support. The UI is ok, and the TV isn’t the slimmest there is. You will have to keep the view of the IR receiver on the TV clean if you want the remote to work fluidly. All-in-all it is a good budget 4K TV considering that better alternatives aren’t easily available in stock. Also, considering the 34k price point of the TV and the features on offer, it is a good deal.

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