Klipsch Reference On-Ear II review

The Klipsch Reference On-Ear II is the follow up to last year’s excellentReference On-Ear model. Klipsch’s latest pair of cans don’t change much in terms of design or sound – but why fix something that’s not broken?

That said, Klipsch kept it simple with the Reference On-Ear II, concentrating on sound, comfort and portability that will please audiophiles. But for everyone else, the Klipsch Reference On-Ear II are possibly too expensive for what they offer, especially when the original On-Ears are going for just $50 in the US.

At $199 (about £177, AU$256), only diehard audiophiles will even consider this wired-only headphone. But those who value sound and comfort above all else will be happy with the Klipsch Reference On Ear II.

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