Hulu Live TV Review: The promise of good things to come

Hulu has finally launched its own live TV product, following in the footsteps of competitors like DirecTV NOW, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, and most recently, YouTube TV. It’s an exciting time for television, at least as far as consumers are concerned, ushering in a level of freedom unprecedented in the live TV industry. As we’ve detailed for most of these products in the past, subscribers get access to things like mobile device streaming, multi-platform support, cloud DVR storage, and more. The big question now is: how does Hulu’s service compare to the rest?

Hulu Live TV Review: The promise of good things to come


The most impressive thing about Hulu TV is that it isn’t a separate product — the entire app interface has been overhauled and the live TV product has been seamlessly integrated, so much so that you don’t feel like you’re watching traditional television at all. On-demand content and live channels reside in the same overall package to such an integrated degree that it’s nearly impossible to imagine them as two wholly separate types of entertainment (on-demand versus live).

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