Hands on: Panasonic EZ1002 OLED review

It’s rare that we find ourselves getting too excited by a television’s sound set-up, but we did exactly that when we first laid eyes on Panasonic’s new OLEDtelevision, the Panasonic EZ1002, which was announced at CES 2017.

The new set is Panasonic’s flagship television for 2017, and is expected to be available by around June 2017, at a price that’s yet to be announced. The set will have the model number EZ1000 in mainland Europe, and EZ1002 in the UK, the latter indicating the model’s support for Freeview Play.

We got a chance to try the television out for ourselves on the show floor, and we came away impressed not only by the television’s image performance, but also by its audio set-up, which we felt offers a nice compromise between sound quality and thinness.

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