Freeview Play vs Freesat vs YouView: Which free-to-view TV service is right for you?

Three free HDTV platforms, but which one is worth buying into?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Freeview Play vs Freesat vs YouView

Choosing the type of TV you wanted to buy used to be simple. Did you opt for a free-to-air service such as Freeview, or should you shell out for a paid service such as Sky or Virgin Media?

But now the landscape of TV programming options has changed drastically. You could be a “cord-cutter” and opt not to watch anything live via your aerial or TV subscription, using your TV to stream Netflix or Amazon Prime Videoinstead. And if you still really want to watch live TV, your options for free-to-air TV have now multiplied and evolved.

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