Final Sonorous III review

Sonorous (adjective): capable of producing a deep, full, ringing sound.

So ‘sonorous’ is a strong, positive word with only good connotations when it comes to hi-fi equipment. So why are we so ambivalent about it? Is it because it reminds us of soporific, or sounds a bit like ‘snoring’?

We didn’t let that bother us when we reviewed the bling-tastic Sonorous X headphones towards the end of last year.

Mind you, they cost over ten times the price of this pair, the Final Sonorous III, so we’re not expecting to draw too many comparisons beyond vaguely dwelling on the name.


There are visual similarities, though. The Final Sonorous III headphones are built to the same broad template as the Sonorous X, although mercifully short of the latter’s shiny finish.

They’re big – though not AKG K550 ear-defenders big – and sturdily constructed from a combination of carefully specified materials.

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