Denon AH-C620 (AH-C621R) review

The mid-range in-ear market is perhaps the toughest to quantify for the regular headphone maker. The devices on offer aren’t quite cheap enough to warrant an impulse buy, nor are they expensive enough to be that ultimate Christmas or birthday purchase. So, for a pair of buds to standout in this price range, they have to take the Goldilocks approach and balance decent features with solid sound to create a device that’s ‘just right’.


Enter the Denon AH-C620 (known as the Denon AH-C621R in the UK) range. These are the sensible sibling to the higher-priced Denon C821R that impressed us earlier in the year.

Box-wise and build quality, there’s not much between the two – despite these Denons being almost half the price.

You get a rubber tidy case (a bag would have been more preferable but it does stop cable tangle) as well as a five extra pairs of earbuds, all designed for slightly different ear canal entrance sizes. One of these are the Comply TX400s which are by far our favorite tip when it comes to in ears thanks to their ability to expand in the ear and create a much better seal.

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