Cowon Plenue D review

Imagine if someone asked you to cook them dinner, write a poem, paint a portrait and dribble a basketball all at once. Unless you’re some sort of artistic/athletic polymath you’re probably going to have some difficulty.

Undoubtably you’d do a better job if you could focus on just one task at a time.

Sonically speaking, that’s exactly what we expect of our smartphones. They’re web-browsing, tweet-posting, call-making, music-playing machines and they’re expected to do everything well.

That’s the benefit of a dedicated portable music player: it’s designed solely for the purposes of playing music, and consequently has a head-start, in terms of performance, over your smartphone.

While it’s sometimes easy to see (or, more correctly, hear) the logic of high-price portable players, more affordable alternatives have a harder task.

They need to be significantly better than your phone without costing too much, and be compact enough that you don’t mind carrying an extra piece of music-playing kit around along with your phone.

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