Best Headphone Brands 2019: Sony, Audio-Technica, Skullcandy & more

In this review we feature the best headphone brands that top the list of 2019 for acoustic sound performance and high-fidelity sound. These top brands are known for making headphones that can really bring out the finer details in the music – with crystal clear highs, midranges and vocals with deep bass output. We also enjoyed the fact that these headphones are very comfortable to wear – you can practically wear these headphones for hours on end without feeling ear fatigue. These headphones can also take on a wide variety of music genres including rock, pop, EDM and classical music while making the details in the music shine. The bass output on these headphones hits nice and hard, and really adds a layer of depth to the overall music quality. Furthermore, these headphones are very comfortable to wear and provide a superb listening experience. If you are looking for the best headphone brands and what they are known for, be sure to read our guide below!

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